Friday, 23 March 2012

Spandan '12 - Cultural Fest - UIET Kanpur

Event List:


·         Rock Night
·         Rampage
·         Battle of Bands
·         Kavi Sammelan


·         Sur Sadhana (Singing)
·         Move Your Feet (Dancing)
·         Stage Play and Mimicry
·         Spandan Premier League (Mini Cricket)


·         Zip Ur Lip (Dumb Charades)
·         Collage
·         Rangoli
·         Painting (T Shirt, face, Wall)
·         Mehandi
·         Fun Games

For more details please visit our website

In case of any query, feel free to contact at

+91 8090397919 (Udit N Singh, Mentor, Spandan 2012)
+91 8009224031 (Pradeep Agnihotri, Organizer, Spandan 2012)
+91 8960806368 (Neha Dubey, Media Coordinator, Spandan 2012)

Thanking you
Team    SPANDAN’12…
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Friday, 16 March 2012

Job fair & Youth Conclave "Success Mantra"

Saturday, 17th Mar 2012 at 22:00 until Sunday, 18th Mar at 17:00

IBM Building, CSJM University & University Auditorium (University Campus)
Get On Your Feet !! CSJM University is organizing a Youth Conclave (Success Mantra) and Job fair, absolutely free of cost & open for all !!

Around 20 companies of all the profiles including engineering profile will be visiting including Aircel, Godrej, Genpact, Eureka Forbes, Sampark, Avazon, Amitech and lot more list and details will be revealed on the day of registration, 17th March. registration is purely on the basis of first come first serve basis and free of cost ..

So,on the eve of "youth conclave,job fair,cultural night" I would like to mention a few points..
1.bring 10 copies of CV's, 6 photographs and other original documents.
2.Venue of Youth Conclave: Auditorium. Timing 10am-1:30pm.
3.Venue of Job fair: IBM building, university placement cell, CSJMU campus. Timing: 10 am onwards..
4.Venue of cultural night: Auditorium. Timing( 5-7)pm.
5.Registrations will take place in front of IBM building.
6.A participant can apply on any two company,which will be chosen at the time of registration.
7.Only registered students will be allowed to enter the IBM building.
8.Registrations is strictly on the basis of first come first serve,open for all and free of cost. details,eligibility will be there on the poster placed on the venue.
10.In case of any query feel free to contact,the volunteers on help desk. 

For More Information feel free to contact:

1.For Youth Conclave: Mayank Tiwari, Event Management Head (7275387044)
2.For Engineering Students: Udit N. Singh :Chief Coordinator, Job fair(8090397919)
3.For MBA Students: Rubal Saluja: Chief Coordinator, Job fair(9307677348)

Please do share this info with all your friends and batch-mates, who knows, a share could change someone's life !! 
All the best
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Youth Conclave - Cultural Night

And the most enjoyable thing comes here.. A "Cultural Night" has been planned during Job fair and youth conclave.
Date: 17.03.12 (Day 1 of Job fair)
Location: University Auditorium
Time: 07pm-09pm
It is all set to thrill you all by giving high dose music, dance extravaganza, which will include rock-show by "The cownboys", laughter show by "laughter champion" Ashish Srivastava and not to forget, our very own UIETians will also perform over there along with MBA and other departments performance too !!
Its free and open for all the participants and the students, strictly on the basis of first come first serve, be there to celebrate victory along with future professionals !!

Share this with all your friends, celebrate together !!
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Sunday, 5 February 2012

And the smiles says it all... MAD: HCL workshop

And the smiles says it all... Had a successful and rather enjoyable MAD:HCL workshop

Thanks to all the participants for participating so actively and to all the placement volunteers for managing the whole event fabulously. HCL people have conveyed their thanks to the most interactive audience they ever met and to the placement cell for giving them the memorable hospitality and intellect participants. They left with the promise of returning back soon (may be for recruitment's too !!) And at the last, I want to thanks Rashi Mam for believing in us and our efforts !!
A lot more is waiting for you guys,thanks a lot !!
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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Placement cell committee details

Letter of placement cell

ALCOM (Alumni Committee)

1.The main objective of this group will be to trap our alumni, so that we could access to them consistently and avail the maximum benefit from them, when it comes to guiding us or referring us during the internship.

2.This group will consist of 7 volunteers who will be working under the supervision of a faculty under placement cell.

3.These volunteers would reach for our pass-out via emails, contact number and other means and will persuade them to join our alumni group.

4.This alumni group would help the students by guiding them and helping them in their placements and summer training.

5.These volunteers, along with doing the above mentioned task, would also be responsible for updating our database and consistently making the necessary additions.

6.Programme such as counseling sessions and alumni meet could be conducted via Alcom under placement cell.

PCOM( Placement Committee)

1.The main purpose of making this group is to provide hospitality and other arrangements whenever a company visits our campus for on campus placements.

2.This group will be having 7 volunteers working under the supervision of authorities under placement cell.

3.The members of this group will be there whenever any company or representatives from any company visits our campus.

4.They will be responsible for making arrangements which will include, providing hospitality and proper execution of placement process.

5.They will also be included in the working of PPC.

PPC (Placement Preparation Cell)

1.This will play most important part in the preparation of students for campus placements and off campus too.

2.This group will be monitoring act ivies which perform a vital role in developing the personality level and aptitude of students.

3.This group will conduct activities such as Group Discussions on weekly basis for the interested students and arranging other workshops and programs related to English and other topics, which would directly benefit the students during the placements.

4.This group will be working directly under the supervision of placement cell and students of all the years would be allowed to participate in its activities.

5.Apart from this, this group will be responsible for providing quality material to the desired students and will help them to access themselves by conducting regular tests and other exams.

Public Relations (PR):

1.This group will play a key role in finding the contact of various HR’s via internet or personal links.

2.They will forward this to the placement cell on weekly basis.

3.If allowed, they can also do the follow ups and other related stuff.

4.They will also be responsible for prevailing any information to the students on mass scale, thus they will help the students avail maximum benefit from the above mentioned activities of PPC.
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Co-ordinator and Volunteers for placement cell

Student Coordinator, Placement Cell:
Udit N. Singh               Coordinator     8090397919

Placement Cell Volunteers:
Purusharth Mishra      I.T.                   Alumni Committee (ALCOM)
Rajat Srivastava          I.T.                   Placement Committee (PCOM)
Anurag Sonkar             I.T.                   Placement Preparation Cell (PPC)
Neha Dubey                I.T.                   Public Relations (PR)
Tarun Pandey              I.T.                  Branch Representative of Placement Cell (BRPC)
Md. Danish                  I.T.                   Branch Representative of Placement Cell (BRPC)

Malini Shukla              CSE                  Alumni Committee (ALCOM)
Anuradha Awasthi       CSE                  Placement Committee (PCOM)
Shivam Jaiswal            CSE                  Placement Preparation Cell (PPC)
Kunwar Rohit              CSE                  Public Relations(PR)
Siddharth Tyagi           CSE                  Branch Representative of Placement Cell (BRPC)

Mayank Singh             ECE                  Alumni Committee (ALCOM)
Shivendra Kaundilya   ECE                  Placement Committee (PCOM)
Swati Mishra               ECE                  Placement Preparation Cell (PPC)
Shivam Trivedi            ECE                  Public Relations(PR)
Prabhat Kr Mishra      ECE                  Branch Representative of Placement Cell (BRPC)
Akash Gupta                ECE                  Branch Representative of Placement Cell (BRPC)

Viresh Yadav               CHE                 Alumni Committee (ALCOM)
Navneet Kushwaha     CHE                 Placement Committee (PCOM)
Shiva Shukla                CHE                 Placement Preparation Cell (PPC)
Yash Porwal                CHE                 Public Relations(PR)
Rahul Gupta                CHE                 Branch Representative of Placement Cell (BRPC)
Zeenat Arif                  CHE                 Branch Representative of Placement Cell (BRPC)

Apoorv Mishra            MEE                Alumni Committee (ALCOM)
Vivek Chowdhary        MEE                 Placement Committee (PCOM)
Atul Prakash                MEE                 Placement Preparation Cell (PPC)
Medhavi Gupta           MEE                 Public Relations(PR)
Rohit Kr Singh             MEE                 Branch Representative of Placement Cell (BRPC)
Vishesh Yadav             MEE                 Branch Representative of Placement Cell (BRPC)

Gurmeet Kaur             MSE                 Alumni Committee (ALCOM)
Ramsha Jabin              MSE                 Placement Committee (PCOM)
Kinza Zehra                 MSE                 Placement Preparation Cell (PPC)
Aditi Gupta                  MSE                 Public Relations(PR)
Sanjeev Bagchi            MSE                 Branch Representative of Placement Cell (BRPC)
Pradeep Dubey           MSE                 Branch Representative of Placement Cell (BRPC)    

Monday, 30 January 2012

Thanks for all the participants of HCL

So, a big thanks for all the participants of HCL workshop for showing up with 160 brilliant ideas for MAD:Workshop by HCL. A very special thanks for all the volunteers for encouraging the participants and assisting them too.. List of finally shortlisted ideas will be out by 10 am tomorrow, please do check it on placement notice board (near placement cell IT Department) and also on this group.All the selected ideas would be going straight into the MAD: HCL Workshop on 4th Feb.

The selected students are requested to assemble on 02.02.12 (Thursday) at 1pm-2pm in L1 for having a interacting session with Rashi Mam for giving final touch to your ideas with some other important details and instruction.

So all the selected students must attend this pre-interactive session on 02.02.12 at 1pm in L1(Lecture Hall Complex)..

All the best to all the participating intellects of uiet, its show time !!
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